Your Home is Important to You!

Ernest Linzie At Green Day Energy Co your home is important to us too!  We have made it our mission to “make comfort more affordable”.  We do that by being experts in all the latest knowledge in the field of building science.  Our employees are trained to spot problems that are causing your house to lose energy.  Whether it’s leaky windows, insufficient insulation, or an air conditioning / furnace that is terribly energy inefficient we will identify the cause of your home’s problem and show you exactly what needs to be done.

Our energy audits and our quotes are accurate and our technicians will perform the work necessary to turn your comfort problem into a comfort solution!

We will treat you with respect by making your problem our priority.  We will be on time and quote you a fair price to complete the job.

About Our Company

Established in 2008, Green Day Energy Co began as the result of a series of very high power bills. Why are my costs so high? Is there a way I can lower my power cost without changing the way my family lives in the house?

Company founder and president, Ernest Linzie, spent 12 months of relentless research and study discovering how the U.S. Department of Energy, through its “Build America Program", had developed a blueprint for increasing building interior control and comfort all while saving power cost to maintain the building’s interior environment.

To add additional value to his company's products and services, Ernest became a certified building analyst through the Building Performance Institute. BPI is one of two certifying organizations for the control and comfort of building environments.

We Await Your Call

Green Day Energy Co is recognized as a leader in home energy efficiency and provides its products and services to homeowners and businesses in the Greater Metro Atlanta Area. Our relentless commitment to quality is the reason why we are one of the most favored heating and air conditioning technicians in the region. Call us to learn more about our services.