Making Home Comfort More Affordable!

Luxury home interiors Think about the comfort level in your home:

  • Are there times or seasons, or places in your home where it is uncomfortable?

  • Did you know you and your family can have maximum comfort and better air quality year around and still cut your energy costs by 50%?

Your home can be more comfortable than you ever imagined. Our energy efficiency audit process at Green Day Energy Co begins with a conversation with you about the characteristics of your home and the areas you see as problems.

Next we do a thorough examination of your home. We then produce a prioritized report informing you what exactly needs to be done to increase your homes comfort and decrease your homes annual energy cost by as much as 50%.

Our Process:

  1. Set an appointment with home owner.

  2. Interview home owner and do whole house energy audit.

  3. Present results with:

    • Explanations of action items,

    • Pricing and estimated savings.

    • Rebates from Federal Government, State of Georgia, and your utility company

  4. Next steps: Complete work.

  5. Submit appropriate application forms for rebates.

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We take a “house as a system” approach as recommended by the U.S. Dept of Energy and the Building Performance Institute to achieve the greatest energy reduction. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.