Frequently Ask Questions

The technicians of Green Day Energy Co are trained in the latest technologies and advances in the heating and air conditioning industry. We have the expertise to address all energy efficiency issues at your home or workplace and help in energy reduction. We will answer your frequently asked questions about our heating and air conditioning products and services to give you an idea of our work.

1. What are some of the ways my house is using or losing excess energy?

  • Your house was constructed to a building code that does not address energy efficiency.  

  • Your house does not have an adequate amount of insulation in the attic.  

  • Many homes are missing insulation in floors.  

  • Chances are your heating and air duct work is leaking air.

  • Air leaks also occur through openings made for plumbing and vents.

2.  What exactly is a home energy audit?

  • First we set down with you and ask you some general question about the age of the house.

  • We ask when you’ve had your largest energy bill and the approximate amount.

  • We look at your lighting, appliances, heating and air conditioning , water heater, swimming pools, and any electrical or gas powered device.

  • We examine the structure of your house, basement, crawlspace, attic, great rooms and windows.

  • We look at the outside of your home for water drainage, attic vents, the direction your house faces, the exhaust flues for gas appliances and we look for places where air can leak into your house

  • We measure the depth of your attic insulation and note the kind of insulation

3.  How long will the energy audit take to do?

There are two kinds of energy audits:

  • One is a visual walk thru where notes are made and pictures are taken for documentation. This energy audit is generally free and is capable of finding approximately 85% of your current air related energy losses.

  • The second kind of energy audit is usually referred to as a Home Performance Energy Audit. This kind of audit takes approximately 3 to 3 ½ hours, it uses a number of electronic devices to exactly measure the overall air leaks in your house, the leaks in your HVAC duct work, and a number of other measures including an analysis of the combustion efficiency of each gas appliance. Due to the effort of time and money this audit has a cost of $399.00, but Georgia Power will pay for half of the cost through a rebate on your power bill. This audit is capable of finding 98.5% of air related energy losses.

4.  Why would I want to pay for an energy audit?

  • Some homeowners want to be very aggressive in going after energy losses. In the end the added expense of a home performance energy audit pays for itself in additional energy savings.  

  • Some energy loss areas are so difficult to find that the only kind of audit that could find the loss areas is through a home performance energy audit.

  • In order to get the maximum rebate of $2,200.00 you are required by Georgia Power to have a home performance energy audit. Georgia Power pays for half of the cost of the audit.

5.  Are there things that I can do to reduce my power consumption without having to pay someone to do it for me?

  • Yes! Green Day Energy has a list called “Things I can easily do for myself”. Items on the list include switching from incandescent light bulbs to CFL bulbs, changing your furnace air filters on a regular basis, as well as, many other tasks most any person can do.

6.  How long with it take to complete the work?

  • Generally, it takes two to three days to complete each house.

7.  Is the work messy?

  • No the work is not messy. We take great care to cover carpets and floors when necessary. As far as you can tell your home will look just like it did before we got there. But when the weather changes you will feel the difference.

8.  How long will it be before I can tell if the energy improvements are saving me money?

  • If you would like we can read your electric meter usage for the day before we do the work and then again the day after we do the work. An average two story house in the summer time will use anywhere from 80 to 110 kilowatt hours of electricity. The following day you should see a 20% to 50% drop in the kilowatt hours used based on the extent of the work done.

9.  I could use some financial assistance to pay for the energy improvements on my house.  Where can I get help?

  • Check to see if your utility company offers low or no interest energy improvement loans. Walton EMC has two loan programs to assist their customers in making their homes more energy efficient. Check it out at Look for the HomePlus Loan, and the Prime Power Loan.

  • Any monies given you to reduce your energy improvements cost could be considered financial assistance. Check out This is a national database organized by state that will tell you all state, and federal tax credits and all of the current utility company rebates.

  • Georgia Power offers its customers a rebate of up to $700.00 for individual energy improvements. However, if you want to reduce your whole house energy consumption by 20% or 30% there is $2,200.00 of rebate money available.

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