Welcome to Green Day Energy Co

The heating and air conditioning system of your home or office keeps it comfortable all year long for your family and staff. When your air conditioning or heating system is not working to its capability, or even worse, has stopped working altogether, you need a reliable heating and air conditioning contractor to get it up and running as soon as possible. That’s where Green Day Energy Co comes in! We have made it our mission to “make comfort more affordable”. We do that by being experts in all the latest knowledge in the field of building science. Our employees are trained to spot problems that are causing your house to lose energy.

Your Home Is Important!

Your home is important to us too! Whether it’s leaky windows, insufficient insulation, or an air conditioning / furnace that is energy inefficient, we will identify the cause of the problem and show you exactly what needs to be done.

Our Services

We specialize in residential heating and air conditioning , commercial heating and air conditioning and energy efficiency services. Our energy audits and our quotes are accurate and our technicians will perform the work necessary to turn your comfort problem into a comfort solution!

Making Comfort Affordable

We make your problems our top priority. Our technicians will be on time, discuss the problem you are facing, and offer the best solution at a fair price to complete the job. We do financing through Service Finance affiliated with Lennox.

Energy Efficient

Your family can have maximum comfort and better air quality. Our energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems can reduce your energy costs by half.

Feel Free to Call Us

We offer top-notch heating and air conditioning services for residential and commercial properties across the Greater Metro Atlanta Area, Georgia. Feel free to call us when you need immediate assistance. We will also answer all of your questions so that you can make informed decisions.