Preseason Preventative Maintenance

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The top causes of heating and cooling systems failure are dirt and simple neglect. Just like your vehicle, your furnace and air conditioner need preventative maintenance in order to operate properly.

Included Cooling Maintenance activities

Check Thermostat Operation

Inspect Blower

Inspect the exterior of the cooling coil
Check temperature differential across the indoor cooling coil
Replace the standard air filter with a customer supplied filter
Inspect the electrical disconnect
Inspect the electrical components
Test Line and Load voltages
Measure the compressor amperage
Measure the refrigerant charge pressures while in operation
Inspect the condenser fan
Inspect and Clean the outdoor condenser coil

Should your cooling system require these maintenance items there will be an extra charge:

Cleaning the indoor coil

Cleaning the condensation drain

Adding the proper amount of leaked refrigerant. Cost per pound of refrigerant

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Call Us: 678-528-1843

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