Saving Energy With Your Pool

Cringe when you think about high energy bills associated with the swimming pool? Then take control of the pool pump.

Install a timer.¬†Installing a timer saves money, time and energy. Set the timer according to the time of day and the number of hours you want the pump to run. With a timer, you’ll never forget to turn your pump on and off.

If you’re wondering how long you need to run your pump, the answer basically depends on the size of your pool and the throughput of your pool pump. Consider the size of your pool and its shape. Larger pools will require more circulation time, as well as more chemicals.

Chemicals are expensive. Running the pump on a timer will help them work best. Bacteria and algae are less likely to grow when the chemicals are properly circulated.

Not only do chemicals maintain your pool’s water balance, they also ensure a sanitary environment for swimming. Controlling the water balance includes the pH level, alkalinity, calcium, iron and copper. Problems can occur when the pool water is not properly balanced, including damage to your pool equipment, the liner, filter or even the pump.

Buy energy efficient motors.¬†If you’re in the market for a new pump motor, ask a local pool care representative about energy efficient motors. If you’re thinking about installing a pool, include the energy costs to run the pool pump in the budget. Some consumers are shocked when they receive their first energy bill with the added costs from maintaining the pool.